Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's become clear that a number of screenwriters who are working at improving their craft are unfortunately paying for "consulting" services they shouldn't be.

Times are tougher in Hollywood these days and everyone is trying better compete and generate more revenue. This is true of writers and writers "consultants." A friend of mine who is a really good psychologist once told me that the better a psychologist is, the less they earn. I said, "That makes no sense. Shouldn't it be the other way around?" He laughed, "No because one we fix them, they don't pay us anymore!"

The same is true of writing consultants. You could bring them a script that you personally love and truly believe in, but that has almost ZERO chance of selling or driving your career forward because at its core it's just not what the market is interested in. Yet the consultant will take your money to "improve its chances." I'm sorry, but improving a screenplay from having a .001% chance of selling to a .002% chance of selling only helps the consultant's wallet, not the writer.

And we all know we can develop material almost forever, creating an endless revenue stream for the unscrupulous consultant.

Like a doctor's Hippocratic oath, "first do no harm", the first thing a consultant should do is review the viability of the screenplay in the market place either as something that can legitimately sell, or be one hell of a great writing sample. If it can't do either, there is no need to consult on it further, move on to another project that can fulfill these mandates. This gets the writer that much faster to their goal of a sale, or starting a new career.

This is where my "will that dog hunt" consulting services come in play. I'll save you countless months of development of screenplays that waste your time and energy. My services are not cheap, but neither is my 16 years of experience.

Important Note: When I'm acting as a Consultant, I'm not acting as an agent. I don't where both hats at the same time.

Package A: For $200 I'll review your treatment, attachments, skill level and concept and let you know if you should be investing your time or moving on to the next project along with feedback to improve a worthwhile project.

Package B: For $500 I'll review your treatment and script, attachments, skill level and concept. I'll provide coverage from 2 different highly skilled script analysts and let you know if you should be investing your time or moving on to the next project along with written notes to improve a worthwhile project.

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